5+ years of experience in the ceramic industry

We have the following opportunity to cover an export market in the tile industry.

blackworld tiles have a wide range of export audiences around the world. blackworld tiles has joined the business of ceramic tiles around the world reaching destinations and delivering its exceptionally remarkable products. we aim to make our products and services available for export at all times and to reach anywhere in the world safely.

while it is true that blackworld tiles still retain many of the values of a traditional business structure, which extends to the relationship with its customers, it still relies on the same strong and determined export vocation that has guided its steps for more than five years. at present, more than 70% of its production is destined for export. in addition, our products are present in more than 30 countries spread all over the world.

Ceramic tiles exporters in india


We have always been committed to our delivery dates which are stated on the pre-formed invoice, we have delivered more than 95% of the goods within the promised timeframe. the delivery time is rarely delayed when we face some technical/quality problems in production or due to schedule changes by the shipping company.

payment terms & conditions

we always prefer fob contracts and LC payments, but if the buyer requires it. we also want the TT payment system. we mostly prefer faster & reliable shipping lines so that our customers get timely and faster delivery. we mostly use world-class shipping lines like Maersk, CMA CGM, zim, pil, etc.

port details

blackworld tiles’ dispatch centre is located about 184 km from mundra port, the largest port in india. the port is well connected, easily accessible by road and its geographical proximity and easy connectivity ensure minimum time lag for a shipment. the port of mundra is frequented by all major shipping lines and offers flexibility in the choice of lines through which shipments can be sent anywhere in the world without any hindrance and on time.

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ) is located in the Gulf of Kutch on the west coast of India (latitude: 22◦ 43′ 88′ N; longitude: 69 ◦; 42′ 34′ E), 60 km west of Gandhi Dham in the Kutch district of Gujarat.

apsez is ideal for global trade due to its multiple advantages. it is located on a route to most international shipping destinations. the gulf acts as a natural shelter for the port, facilitating 24×7 safe berthing, unberthing and vessel operations. the port also offers a distance advantage to the northern and western hinterland of india over other ports. this makes it the natural gateway to the cargo hubs operating in the northern and western states of india as well as the ncr.

shipping partners

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